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CD "Live in Concert"
It is done: Our church concert in January was great, that we were able to produce a very successful CD. Hear our Audio tracks >>
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Happy German Bagpipers Entertainment Pipe Music live in concert: Order now>>

CD "Dudelsackparty "- Bagpipe Party

All tunes arranged by Falk Paulat, „Malika” and „Metzhausen Village”
composed by Falk Paulat.

CD "Dudelsackparty" Order now>>


Happy German Bagpipers Entertainment Pipe Music live in concert is created:
We connect bagpipes music with Indian Punjabi rhythms. An exciting experiment! e.g., title 16: Bhangra Malika and title 22: Punjabi with Kira
We used only one stereo sound head. That`s why small finishing touches were necessary for a good CD quality.
It appeared once again, Peter Patzer is an absolute master of his compartment. To his trained ear as Concert pianists, nothing escapes! In addition many switches, buttons and screens he controls laxly. Peter, thank you very much!!!
Anastasia might take over the job of the finishing touches:

To record the song "Punjabi with Kira", Falk flies to India:
The song "PUNJABI with Kira" has to sound like original Punjabi music (in the style of a harvest dance). It goes to the Chahal recording studio in Sangrur / Punjab.
The singer is SHINGARA CHAHAL. Our leader of the band Falk, composes an original Punjabi song? Hard to believe, but true. Falk dedicated the song to our first two bagpipers, Kira and Julia-Marie, after the band was founded in 2009. The text is about the girls who are overwhelmed by their culture in a foreign country but shouldn't forget their own culture and friends. Thoughts, gifts and friends should always be remembered.
Falk developed the text of the song with his Indian friend Yadwinder (yellow turban), who also translated it.
The text was translated from German into English and Indian (Shingara couldn't speak English) Then auditioned in English for the recording (1st picture from left), Shingara sings it in Indian. In between, the names Julia and Kira can be heard over and over again.
The recording lasted a week: Various Indian instruments were selected, played in and also discarded. The double flute was played by a music professor! Three singers introduced themselves and had to rehearse. Finally we decided on the famous professional Shingara Chahal!

Recordings from the Chahal recording studio in Sangrur / Punjab / India:
Yadwinder with the speaker of the text - Shingara with the stringed instrument - Shingara sings the text from the sheet

The song "United Friends" (melody: When The Pipers Play)

sung by Lisa Schlesies with her own text. Falk arranged the musical compilation.
Our Indian drummer with the tablas, Senny Chawla, came from Hamburg/Germany.
Falk accompanies Lisa with the Walsh Smalpipe. An interesting and unique compilation of this originally Scottish song!