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Happy Grazia

Coach Olga Deutsch Ph.: +49(0)4731-249217

Olga Deutsch is "Person of the Year 2011" the town of Nordenham.

The showdance group "Happy GRAZIA", directed by Olga Deutsch, comes from Nordenham/Germany. Happy GRAZIA is a division of the SV Nordenham, founded by the action "Integration with Sport".
This very successful dance group consists of over 100 children and adolescents.

Visit Happy GRAZIA on "YouTube"
On 19.11.2011 Olga Deutsch with her showdancers Happy GRAZIA celebrated her 10-year anniversary with a colorful stage show:

Besuchen Sie Happy GRAZIA auf "YouTube"

Am 19.11.2011 feierten die Tänzerinnen von Happy GRAZIA um Olga Deutsch ihr 10-jähriges Bestehen mit einer bunten Bühnenshow:

To perform this dance performances in their diversity, is already started very early:

The coronation of the many shows that are listed since 2009, with the Happy German Bagpipers:

It started 2009 very well , showdances along with the Happy German Bagpipers in Punjab/India: See YouTube Video

More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery


Costume Design, suitable to the various dances:

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