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HGB Edinburgh/Scotland 2013

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HGB band complete

HGB concert

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 The HAPPY GERMAN BAGPIPERS are from Jade, in the rural district of Wesermarsch. Thanks to their performances in the Netherlands, Scotland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and the Punjab / India, they are now successful ambassadors of bagpipe music.

The HAPPY GERMAN BAGPIPERS are definitely the most unusual and youngest bagpipe showband in Germany, maybe even in Europe. The bandleaders are Falk Paulat and Friedhelm Ricklefs.

They have successfully created their own sound, their “Entertainment Pipe Music”, which they arrange and compose themselves. The girls have mastered sufficient titles to fill a 90 minute concert.

July / August 2013, the big tour of Scotland:

The Scotland Tour, which included a great many locations, was a great honour for the young band, especially the invitations to the Youth Festival in Aberdeen and the Fringe Street Festival in Edinburgh.

Thanks to their bagpipe music which the Scots love, the girls were simply passed on from one concert to the next, thus ending up with nearly twice the number of concerts originally planned.

They gave concerts on the ferries on the crossings to Scotland, in Dundee, Braemar, St. Andrews and Stirling, as well as on the streets of Edinburgh
. They wrote history in Edinburgh: The Lawn Market is closed to the public for the Military Tattoo from  6 p.m.. The Happy German Bagpipers were asked to the play for the police behind the barriers! They too wanted to hear this type of bagpipe music.

On the Lawn Market in Edinburgh:

Notes to event managers:

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Additional information is available from Falk Paulat

e-mail:   Tel.: 0049-4480-948932


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HGB Edinburgh/Scotland 2013
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HGB band complete
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HGB concert
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HGB Band 2
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HGB Live in Concert
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