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NWZ-TV visited our pipeband practicing into Dorfkrug (1)
NWZ-TV visited us into Dorfkrug Abbehausen (2)

Saturday, 7.6.2014 summer festival house Sandvoss town Brake, we played sometimes together with the group Devilsfire.
From Devilsfire comes this video on YouTube

We gave a concert together with the Irish folk band "THE FREELANCERS" in the front of Jever Castle

This Video from the Irish Night comes from Jürgen Eden
More information you can see into Terminearchiv

Scottland Tour 2013: Street parade in Aberdeen (HGB bei 3:00min)
The Aberdeen Tartan Day Parade on YouTube

On TV "Heimat Live" at 23.04.2013 was sending an information from our band:
Hobby: Dudelsack spielen

Orchestras likes us. For playing with them, we have bflat chanter and tuning them with 442Hz. The sound we have for a long time without tuning! We must have this, we can`t tune starting the concert.
The "Normalchanter" has 452 - 464Hz!

See the different Orchestras with us on YouTube:
30. Mai 2014 we played together with the Original Friesländer e.V. and the Stadtkapelle Blumberg into the Gorch-Fock-House Wilhelmshaven. "Highland Cathedral"

Together with the BRASS-SAX-Orchestra Petersfehn fro 26.10.2013 also
"Highland Cathedral"
The visitors want to hear it again. The second part:
Highland Cathedral II auf YouTube

A concert in a church November 2010 in Cuxhaven/Altenbruch with the Wulsdorfer Blasorchester:
"Highland Cathedral"