Things to know before and during performances



We have royalty-free music on offer. If you are interested please contact us. The list of royalty free music is being continuously extended throughout the year thanks to our own compositions.
New for large events:
“Normal”bagpipes can only be connected to an amplifier and sound right with difficulty. As we have been asked to perform at large events, we have bought a set of electronic “CaledonianRedpipes”. They look identical and are played in the same way as traditional bagpipes, but can only be used together with an amplifier.
Our young band is the guarantee of an atmospheric party:

In the church plays one bagpipe player. Very good is also the accompaniment of a tenor drum. We are always about 1 hour before the ceremony in the mood. Please tell your pastor.
Before the registry office (depending on time) can also play the entire tape.

It only plays one piper.

Events, Concert deposits with various events:
Whether we act individually, the band or the dancers. The bagpipe is very loud and could disturb the tuning of the current event. Please provide as appropriate for a room. The dancers need a room for possible cloth changing near the stage. The costumes are changed more often.

Churches and stage concerts:
For churches and smaller venues, we have our own sound system.

Our band has two vehicles (9 and 7 seats).
Are we more than 16 people (with various dance groups), we rent a bus. Reserve parking for our vehicles near the event.

Please ask us. We advise and help. Contact: Falk Paulat Phone: +49 4480-948932
We`re never in hurry. Are there problems in the planned  event, no problem. We are here for you!