Members of the band

Falk Paulat
Leader of the band, information, dates, composer and
arranger, bagpipe, small pipe
Friedhelm Ricklefs
leading drummer
snare drum, conga,
teacher for all drum techniques
Anzela Eifeld
snare drum, tenor drum
percussion instruments

Jennifer Königshoff

base-, tenordrum, percussion instruments

Chiara Russo
Snare Drum, Percussion

Domenik Königshoff
Percussion, Tenor Drum, Snare Drum

Imen Bouzaiana
Percussion, Tenor Drum
Our guest member

Valentina Eifeld
snare drum, tenor drum, djemble, darabucca





  Anastasia Eifeld
Anastasia foundet the girls pipe band. She left us for her new working. She was a perfect musican and played all band instruments.
She was a composer and trained the new members learning instruments.
We wish her all the best for her future!
Laura Ölmann
Joined our band in 2012. After an extremely short period of five months, she was not only good on the bagpipes. She also mastered the snare- and tenoer drum