Falk Watertrap(C)

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The moisture
of the air affects the sound and the reeds negative.

An old Scottish proverb says:
"Who is playing 10 years bagpipes, has it 7 years tuned. " With the "FALK-Watertrap©"tuning takes up much less time now!

After a long and fruitless search for a suitable Watertrap, that fits into traditional bagpipe, cheap and easy to install, Falk Paulat has decided to construct a "Watertrap" itself to take himself.
The result is the "FALK-Watertrap©".

From June 2011 the FALK-Watertrap made ​​with a softer rubber part.
The attachment can now also safely in the very smooth Polypenko Blowstocks.

For all types of bagpipes. It is not necessary for the bag to have a zip
Unrestricted blowing and even pressure ensures a good sound.

No change to the external looks of the bagpipe.
The exhaled air is dried up before it enters the bag. Chanter- and drone-reeds stay dry for playing 2 – 3 hours.
No chemicals, no bentonite, no gel, no sponge:

Turbulence dries the air, b
uild up of mould is reduced, unique technology, no fall of pressure by blowing.
Simple assembly, maintenance free!!!!!

It is the only self-cleaning system in the world!
Simple to use: Condensed water comes out through the blowstock.

Very long life - 10 years guarantee.